First things first, what is Neveplast (pronounced Never-plarst)? Well, it's great and we love it! But you're probably here because you want to know a bit more than that...

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Neveplast was born in 1998 in Italy with the aim of providing an all weather, all season artificial ski slope with as similar properties to snow as possible, with the riders safety and equipment in mind. There are now hundreds of attractions using the Neveplast technology around the world, even here in Australia.

The guys at Neveplast are always looking to the future and now have several products available depending on the customer needs and activity they wish to be performing – from cross-country skiing, to go karting.

Neveplast’s main product is NP30 a synthetic material designed to replicate the feel of skiing and boarding on real snow. NP30 is the only artificial material to be certified by the USTIF as having the same slipperiness as snow while still being able to hold an edge while cornering. The material is also the safest on the market, with no registered accidents due to the material itself. NP30 is also easy to maintain, with no energy or water required and has been tested to withstand the extreme temperatures that would be found under the Australian sun. NP30’s low maintenance and similarities to actual snow have seen it becoming more and more popular with snow sports athletes around the world for training and competitions.

Tubby is another popular product which the Gold Coast Snow Park will be using and is very similar to snow tubing. Great for the entire family and no lessons needed, Tubby is safe, fun and cost-effective to run and maintain and can have varying levels from a gentle straight run, too fast twists and turns or even a jump into an airbag or water.

The third Nevplast product that the Gold Coast Snow Park will be using will be Skiddy. Skiddy is similar to a go-kart track but on a Neveplast product to simulate ice karting. Popular on frozen lakes throughout Europe and North America, ice karting allows karts to drift around corners.